Articles on the FBI and its role in the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Panther Party, and Ferguson

The FBI’s War on Civil Rights Leaders


The FBI and the Civil Rights Movement during the Kennedy Years–from the Freedom Rides to Albany


Why We Should Teach About the FBI’s War on the Civil Rights Movement


The Dark Side of “I Have a Dream”: The FBI’s War on Martin Luther King


The FBI vs. Martin Luther King: Inside J. Edgar Hoover’s “Suicide Letter” to Civil Rights Leader




The FBI COINTELPRO Program and the Fred Hampton Assassination


COINTELPRO: Teaching the FBI’s War on the Black Freedom Movement


Freedom Rider: No Tears for the FBI


“Black People Need Encryption,” No Matter What Happens in the Apple-FBI Feud


Digital Resources: Federal Response to Radicalism in the 1960s


Hoover and the FBI


F.B.I. Memos on the Black Panther Party

MLK Enemy of the State (3:40) Mumia Abu-Jamal


FBI Director Comey: ‘Ferguson Effect’ Causing Murder Spike


Here’s Why the ‘Ferguson Effect’ Is Total BS


FBI chief again says Ferguson having chilling effect on law enforcement


Justice Department Announces Findings of Two Civil Rights Investigations in Ferguson, Missouri

 GOP senator disinvited from speaking at historically black university

John Cornyn Takes Himself Out of Running to Lead the F.B.I.

GOP Sen. John Cornyn says racial tensions are merely ‘phony narratives’

What The Oklahoma Congressman Who Just Announced A Senate Campaign Thinks About LGBT Americans

10 frightening facts about Tom Cotton

Kamala Harris, a ‘Top Cop’ in the Era of Black Lives Matter





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