12 New Year’s Resolutions for Prison Abolitionists


Painted discarded book page that was part of a larger art project that I did in 2014.

I compiled the following list after thinking about questions that I get from people that want to know and do more to support the work of prison abolition. The items are not ranked and so the reader should not assume that one thing is more important than the others because they are all important. They all matter!

  1. Find and support abolitionist organizations with your time or money.
  2. Educate others about the PIC.
  3. Donate money, books, or time to organizations that provide in-prison and reentry services.
  4. Find local community resources that offer reentry support and share their information on your social media.
  5. Connect with prison abolitionists in your community and online.
  6. Find out where your local officials stand on issues related to the PIC, and engage them through coordinated action with organizations in your area.
  7. Read books, studies, reports, etc. on issues connected with the PIC including, homelessness, health-care, mental-health, immigration, domestic violence, policing, school-to-prison-pipeline, LGBTQIA, Education, etc. You will find that there are plenty of free materials on these topics and many are available online.
  8. Write to someone in prison. There are a number of organizations that you can connect with that will provide you with information on how to do this.
  9. Listen. There are millions of people that have been to prison, are in prison or are otherwise directly impacted by the PIC. They are best able to tell you what they need, desire, and want. Listen to them.
  10. Learn about intersectionality and apply an intersectional lens to your understanding of the PIC.
  11. Use your talent in ways that reflect your commitment to prison abolition. Share your what you create with others.
  12. Practice self-care.

Choose hope while you work collectively for change.

Happy New Year!


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